Original Music

Music and words written and performed by The Witches. Rubbed and scented with our daily experiences, in awe of the wild, healing ways of the natural world, exploring the union and sometimes confrontation of words and textures and voices.


Free improvisation is an art of spontaneous musical dialogue, one with no grammatical rules other than the perception of when one should speak through the instrument, listen, ignore, oppose or enhance the other's playing. This practice was handed down to us by our mentor and free jazz bassist Michael Formanek. The pairing of flute and violin, two different musical animals trying to speak to each other, has pushed us to develop new sonic techniques on the spot, adding a contemporary, self discovered layer to our classical technique. Listen here.


Another facet of our work is collaborating with other composers who have created music for us. We are passionate about expanding the flute + violin + vocal repertoire with music that is of our time.

We have worked with:

Sean William Calhoun, Dominic Coles, Sam Torres, Ruby Fulton, Eddie Davis, Anna Meadors, and Adam O'Farrill. 

In October of 2017 we released an album of commissions called "Behind the Curtain: New Music on Women". Click here to find out more!


Music video for "Ah" - composed by Louna. Ledah on detuned violin and vocals, Louna on vocals and flute.

A back to back live improvisation at Wesbeth, West VIllage NYC

Vim, by Sean William Calhoun. Sound by Kenzo Audio